Remote health in your own setting

Our Remote Health portal is funded by the EU to provide high-quality health education to as many people as possible. To spread the word, we need as many specialist staff as possible to disseminate our courses. How can this be achieved?

1) Recommend suitable course units for your clients and patients
2) You or your client tell us the recommending institution at
3) If requested, your institution will be mentioned as a sponsor on our site. You will then receive a valuable "backlink" to your site
4) If a client has successfully completed a course with us, they will receive a course certificate to their address, you can add your logo

There is no cost to you for any of this. The additional payment conditions for neurofeedback home training and possible free places are published on our homepage. Necessary course support for our other offerings is 2*15 minutes per person free of charge.

If you have a social media channel, then follow the Joy of learning München eV association and share suitable learning units for your patients. Every week we share information about a healthy lifestyle.

Recommend suitable clients to subscribe to our channel directly.


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Free organic and neurofeedback

Would you like to provide free bio and neurofeedback to disadvantaged groups of people?

Then use our educational dispenser for your purchases


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