Projektabschluss "Remote-Health.eu-II"
19.12.2023 20:24

We are very pleased that in the last few weeks we have been able to expand our YouTube channel to 100 health education videos and our information materials about neurofeedback and health to over 100 materials for download.

In addition, we can now offer 4 more fully comprehensive new courses on our learning platform. We were also able to technically expand our learning platform and now have 2 full-fledged websites: at www.remote-health.eu (externally programmed) and also our own learning platform www.remote-health.de, created by the project partners.

In addition, we have found a valuable partner for our courses in Mentortools. Just try it out - click on one of the course tiles below!

We can now also make many valuable materials permanently available for free download on our own subpage for an important target group of our project, namely people with refugee experience. Through discussions and negotiations with leading neurofeedback home training providers, we have now been able to more than double our possible number of places for neurofeedback home training throughout the EU.

The final report will be published in the next few weeks.

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